Shakti Academy Video Series

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This tool provides online access to The Shakti Academy Video Series. Here you will have unlimited access to a series of 19 videos, designed to help you unlock the full potential of your Shakti Mat. Most people use their Shakti Mat exclusively on their back and feet, but this video series will inspire you to use your mat in new and interesting ways to achieve the same results on different areas of your body.

Your instructor is Perla Bucknell. Perla has a degree in Human Kinetics, is a yoga teacher, and has extensive experience in the fitness industry. She has been utilising The Shakti Mat in sessions with her clients in Christchurch for over four years. 

The Shakti Academy is your opportunity for one-on-one sessions with Perla whenever and wherever you need them. You will be surprised by the number of uses your mat has other than simply laying under your back or feet. Some postures include: hands, forearms, hamstrings, adductor, and stomach.