The Shakti Mat - A modern day version of the Bed of Nails??


Historians estimate that the Chinese began practising acupressure over 7,000 years ago, but it wasn't until about 2,000 years ago that the Indians started using acupressure mats, more familiarly known to us as the bed of nails. There is a lot of mysticism around the nail beds and what they were used for. Contrary to popular belief, they weren't doing it as some pain tolerance stunt, but actually as a meditation aid. In the same way The Shakti Mat helps us to relax today, the Indian Yogis (mostly those up North in The Himalayas) found that the physiological change the body undergoes to the deep acupressure treatment was perfect for meditation.

In fact, the inspiration to invent The Shakti Mat came from a Monk who witnessed the real nail beds being used in Northern India.

Millions of yogis are now incorporating The Shakti Mat into their routine, anything from Savasana to end a session up to full routines. Yoga guru Maya Fiennes incorporates hers into her classes.

Click the video below to see what Yoga Guru Maya Fiennes says about the Shakti Mat