DYE STAINED Shakti Acupressure Pillow

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Please note: This Shakti Pillow has a dye stain on the underside of the fabric and varies slightly for each product.

The efficacy of the product is affected in no way and the acupressure benefits are exactly the same. If looks don't bother you, and the feel is what matters, grab the chance to get 30% off on this limited stock!


The Shakti Acupressure Pillow is designed for application of acupressure to the neck and shoulders. If these are your trouble areas, the pillow sits comfortably under the neck for gentle but effective pressure.

The pillow can also be applied underneath hamstrings, calves and thighs to assist with healthy recovery post-workout. As well as against a couch or chair at your desk, for lumbar support. 

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