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Shakti Mat Light - Yellow
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Shakti Acupressure Mat

The Shakti Mat Light is designed for those a little more sensitive. It has more spikes on it (8,000) than the Original (6,000) - more spikes mean less weight on each spike, so the effect is not as intense.

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Mary-Elizabeth B.
New Zealand

It Grows on You

I was introduced to the light Shakti mat about 2 years ago by my trainer as a good way to start exercise. I found it difficult initially but realised it had a positive affect on my sense of wellbeing and now after a busy day and tired feet will often go to the Shakti mat as a way of de-stressing and relaxing. Many family members find the same. Ordering the mat was very easy and it arrived very promptly.

Casey B.
New Zealand

Yellow Shakti Mat

First try was uncomfortable, but only after a few uses i have become more comfortable using it. It has helped me relax after a long day/just in general and reduced my anxiety! Love my Shakti Mat!

Samuel H.
New Zealand

Yellow review

Amazing this product is ridiculous good

Ella T.
New Zealand


I gifted this to my parents so they could try it out. They have both recently retired. Dad gets really painful arthritis and mum has constant pain up her legs that makes it hard for her to walk. They absolutely love it! They were a little puzzled at first but find it super relaxing especially before bed. Dad is working up to standing on it. They love it!

Emma J.
New Zealand


Absolutely love my mat. I broke my back in a car accident years ago and combining competitively horse riding and sitting at a desk all day my back can play up something shocking. The mat has made such a difference to my muscle pain and has helped my sleeping so much I bought my dad one as a Christmas present and have slowly got him on board too. No more strong pain killers for him after working around the farm. He now simply needs the mat for half an hour after a tough day and he's good as gold in the morning. I've recommended them to everyone who asks about them!

Shakti Mat Light - Yellow

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